tl;dr: we launched DSTLRY's beta web reader! Can't wait? 
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Hello! David & Chip, the founders of DSTLRY, here.

We’re buzzing from the success of The Devil’s Cut, Gone #1, and Somna #1, and now we're ready to unveil the “White Dog” build of our desktop web reader, a.k.a. White Dog beta v0.1.


Why White Dog? In the whiskey world, White Dog is the high-proof, unaged spirit that will mature into refined whiskey while aging in the barrel. It’s raw, it’s full of potential, and it's the foundation of something great. That's exactly what our White Dog beta v0.1 is—the spirited, unrefined starting point of our digital reading experience.

(More simply put: the comics look great on desktop, with a rawer mobile experience that’s being refined as you read this.)


The Devil’s Cut: Launches December 6

First in line: our acclaimed anthology, The Devil’s Cut—with stories from our Founding Creators (and some friends!)—launches today, December 6th. This 88-page beauty is available for $1 on day one, then $6.66—obvious price point, right?—until December 12th. We’re offering it at a lower price because we want as many people to own DSTLRY’s key comic in digital as possible. You can pick from a range of variant covers, or collect them all.

Gone #1 and Somna #1: Released weekly

Up next are Gone #1 (Dec 13th-19th) and Somna #1 (Dec 20th-26th). These critically acclaimed releases embrace the spirit of DSTLRY and our relationship with creators. They bring their best because DSTLRY treats them like the stars they are, including gaining ownership in DSTLRY.

🎁 Digital with Benefits

As these digital editions roll out, we’re offering exclusive digital ownership perks each week this December, both digital and IRL. Watch your emails once the purchase period is over for more details about your digital ownership benefits. We look forward to learning over time what benefits you enjoy and are open to your ideas!

🗓️ Limited Availability Until 2024

Remember, these pioneering single-issue releases won't be available again digitally until our Marketplace launches in early 2024—and then only if owners decide to sell! Seize this unique opportunity to be part of DSTLRY's evolving story from the outset. Our digital collections will be available when they launch with no immediate end-of-sale date. 

📞 Your Role in Shaping Our Digital Future

We're inviting you, our dedicated, growing DSTLRY community, to join us in developing our White Dog release into a matured digital experience. Your engagement, feedback, and ideas are crucial in this process. Here's a form to send us a note.

We hope you enjoy!

🥃 David & Chip