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Are there any membership or registration fees?


How do I purchase a physical comic or collectible? Or a digital one?
Browse to or search for the collectible you're looking for. When you get to its page, look for the Physical/Digital switch and pick the one you would like! Then, Add To Cart and check out!
What's the return policy?
Please contact us at from this page and we'll make it right.

Digital Reader Beta

Where's the Marketplace?!

With three issues in market and more coming, we didn't want to wait any longer for digital fans to be able to read our Founding Creator and Friends' stories. The Marketplace needs a little more barrel aging, but should be out—with a non-beta reader—in early 2024.

I have an idea for the reader
Great! We're trying to get just the right mix of ingredients for the best experience. Drop us a line here on our contact us page.
Can I read this on Kindle? Apple Books?
For our collectible digital issues, we sell them directly from DSTLRY to consumers for only one week. The digital copies that sell that week are all that we'll sell. When we launch our Marketplace in early 2024, you'll be able to buy and sell DSTLRY digital collectibles! Every purchase brings royalties to our creators. Our mass market trades will be available widely in digital.


How are the items shipped? How long will it take to receive my item?

Our comics and collectibles are shipped from our friends at Third Eye Comics. When in stock, items are typically shipped within 1-2 business days. If pre-order, shipping information is in the description.

What are the shipping costs?
Shipping in the US is free for orders $40 or over, and $5 otherwise. Shipping outside the US is determined by our shipping partners.


How do I create an account?

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How do I get technical support?
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