In stores & SOMNA from Becky Cloonan & Tula Lotay Awakes

In stores & SOMNA from Becky Cloonan & Tula Lotay Awakes

 SOMNA Jae Lee Cover, available exclusively on

Joëlle Jones Somna Cover J

SOMNA Joëlle Jones Cover, available exclusively on

Ten years in the making, SOMNA #1 from master storytellers Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay is finally here. A scorching, steamy sucker punch of folk horror and forbidden passion, the plot follows a woman, Ingrid, confined by the Puritanical constraints of her 17th-century English village. While struggling against the will of her witch-hunter husband, Ingrid is visited by a shadowy figure who tempts her with carnal forbidden fruit. Is this being a demon from the pits of hell or a manifestation of Ingrid’s repressed yearning? 

Both creators and the press have called SOMNA a modern masterpiece. 

“Not since Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula has there been a horror that feels so unique, sexy, and hypnotizing”

AiPT, 9.5/10

“This book is amazing—gothic, twisted, gripping, and steamy AF. Two legends at the peak of their game.”

Scott Snyder, Wytches, Batman

“Hands down one of the most beautiful comics I've flipped through this year, AND probably the steamiest…” 

James Tynion IV, Deviant, The Nice House on the Lake

“Read SOMNA #1, a collab where Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay pass the mike, even between panels. Becky handles daytime humanity. Tula handles nighttime fantasy. Both coat it with sexual tension. Folk horror, folk fucking and witches. Hot (good) and bad (good). Out November.”

Kieron Gillen, The Wicked + The Divine, Die

“This supergroup of creators came together and made something special.” 

Brian Michael Bendis, Spider-Man: Miles Morales


“White hot.”

Brian K. Vaughan, Saga


“SOMNA is every bit as lush and entrancing as you'd expect…an incredible read.” 

Cliff Chiang, Paper Girls


"A haunting and erotic masterpiece by two of the most important artistic voices of Generation X."

Rick Remender, Deadly Class, The Sacrificers


“A bewitching beautiful fever dream of mystery, sex, and swoon.” 

Cecil Castellucci, Batgirl


“A feast for the eyes. absolutely gorgeous, intriguing paneling and storytelling… and so sensual.” 

Eliot Baum, Heart of Gold


“Somna #1’s lavish, witchy feminist eros is the most beautiful 1st issue I’ve read in years. Every line, color and word by Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay creates an exalted glorious trance.”

Miles Gunter, BPRD 


“Not surprisingly, it’s the imagery here – both erotic and more subdued – that make the book so worthy of attention.”

The ComicCon


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