Introducing DSTLRY’s Digital Marketplace Beta

Introducing DSTLRY’s Digital Marketplace Beta

It’s a big, big day, everyone. 

We just rolled out our Digital Marketplace beta, creating a new platform where readers and fans can endlessly buy, sell, and browse digital comics and collectibles. We always want it to be Wednesday here, no matter where you are. This is our way of igniting the fun of collecting while striving to make comics as equitable as possible for our creators—writers and artists get a percentage of every digital sale, whether it’s the first or the 1,000th. And, of course, there are benefits to digital ownership.

So here's the deal: for the first week from release—Wednesday to Wednesday—you can buy the new digital releases directly from us at After that, you will only be able to buy that digital release on our secondary marketplace. So if you buy digital during that first window, you can keep it, or you can decide to sell your digital copy on our marketplace at a price you choose. 

The Marketplace will serve exclusively for digital issues—all of our digital collections will be available on all major platforms—including, Kindle Store, Google Play Books, and Apple Books.

Buying digital issues and collectibles on also provides benefits. Owners will be eligible for a streamline of exclusive opportunities and engagements, including access to exclusive digital and print variant covers, posters, collectible art toys, and discounts on select physical and digital drops. Benefits also include IRL fun at conventions and creator interactivity, like online happy hours, creator gaming sessions, and more. Fans who buy their copies through the secondary marketplace will also get the benefits attached to their collectible—unlocking unused, multi-use, and future benefits upon purchase, while the previous owner will no longer receive those benefits.

So, not only are you entering a new future of comic community and benefits, but you're also supporting the creators behind it. Ready to check it out? Sign up for an account to access the marketplace today.