Manga Horror Icon Shūzō Oshimi Unleashes His Sinister Eye on Somna #3 Cover

Manga Horror Icon Shūzō Oshimi Unleashes His Sinister Eye on Somna #3 Cover

DSTRLY is beyond proud to announce an electrifying new collaboration with Kodansha, marking a new convergence of Western and manga comics. The partnership debuts with a seductive open-order variant cover for Somna #3, the spellbinding conclusion to the erotic folk-horror series crafted by Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay.

The visionary artist behind horror-manga masterpieces such as Blood on the Tracks and The Flowers of Evil, Shūzō Oshimi lends his unparalleled talent to create a variant cover that captures the essence of Somna's haunting contrast of doom, hope, and damnation. Hitting shelves on March 27, this collaboration heralds a new era of trans-Atlantic artistic exchange, with cover artists from both sides of the manga and comic worlds captivating audiences with their extraordinary creations.

“I was drawn to the story of Somna where dreams and reality intermingle, and the way it’s expressed through different artistic styles,” shared Shūzō Oshimi. “Drawing the variant cover was fun!”

Somna unfolds against the backdrop of the  witch hunts of the 1600s in a small English village. The story revolves around Ingrid, trapped in a puritanical world with her relentless husband Roland, the town's chief witch hunter. As accusations and murders unfold, Ingrid is pursued by a mysterious figure whose seduction wavers between seduction and salvation. 

“Oshimi-san is one of my favorite mangaka of all time. He strings tension with the grace of a poet, subtly building anxiety with every stroke of his pen,” shared Somna co-creator Becky Cloonan. “I can’t thank him enough for drawing a cover for Somna!”

“It’s an incredible honor to have a creator as skilled and iconic as Shūzō Oshimi illustrate our characters,” added Somna co-creator Tula Lotay. “Oshimi-san has a deft talent for creating atmospheres of dread and fleeting hope—a perfect complement to the world Becky and I have been building in Somna.”

Retailers eager to secure their copies can place print orders through Lunar Distribution (FOC: February 10) and Diamond Comic Distributors (FOC: February 11).