Meet Mominu

Meet Mominu

Meet Mominu, the sleek 5-inch designer art toy created by the acclaimed artist Junko Mizuno in collaboration with DSTLRY.

The initial Mominu colorway celebrates DSTLRY’s debut publication, The Devil's Cut, with a slightly sinister design featuring DSTLRY’s iconic monogram letter D. This debut design, limited to 500 units and 100 variants, encapsulates the very essence of DSTLRY's ethos in one remarkable piece.

And this is just the beginning. Brace yourself for an exciting journey ahead, as Mizuno and DSTLRY’s roster of Founding Creators take turns at reimagining Mominu, each creator injecting a distinct style into this 3-dimensional canvas of art and attitude.

The Devil's Cut Colorway

Curious about Mominu's debut look? Get ready to be amazed, as it draws inspiration from The Devil's Cut, our inaugural release featuring an eclectic mix of stories by DSTLRY's Founding Creators and friends. Out now, The Devil's Cut laid the foundation for Mominu's birth.

In celebration of this synergy, Junko Mizuno crafted an exclusive additional variant colorway to match The Devil’s Cut Bollocks Variant, sold exclusively at conventions.

Mominu's Inspiration

Picture a red panda. Except evil. And kinda sweet? Its color palette reflects the kinetic tapestry of horror, action, sci-fi, and sex found in The Devil's Cut. “It's a mix of Western culture’s devil, a Japanese demon, and a red panda,” said Mominu designer and DSTLRY Founding Creator Junko Mizuno. Mominu isn't just an art toy; it's an avenue for artistic exploration and a testament to the mix of cultures, mirroring the continent-spanning locales of DSTLRY’s Founding Creators.

"Mominu embodies DSTLRY's essence—edgy and fierce, yet with a touch of sweetness. Designing an original shape that other artists will interpret was exhilarating and challenging. I can't wait to see Mominu's artistic evolution!" said Mizuno.

The Launch and Beyond: An Ongoing Adventure

Only 500 units of Mominu's debut colorway—and 100 of The Bollocks variant—are ready to find their new homes. But don't worry if you're left with FOMO – we have an exciting roadmap ahead for Mominu. Though you may want to collect them all!