New Series: Somna

New Series: Somna

The Long-Awaited Collaboration Between Two Eisner Award-Winning Creators Arrives This November

Header image is SOMNA Orderable Cover A by Becky Cloonan

DSTLRY, the revolutionary new publisher that's set the gold standard in creator-owned comics and collectibles, proudly presents Somna, an erotic folk-horror series launching this November. The series is a collaborative masterwork between Tula Lotay (Eisner Award winner for Barnstormers) and Becky Cloonan (Eisner Award winner for By Chance or Providence, Wonder Woman).

SOMNA orderable Cover B by Tula Lotay


A Decade in the Making

Both creators not only bring their transformative storytelling but also their singular artistic skills, culminating in a project that’s been over a decade in the making. Originating from their 11-page narrative What Blighted Flame Burns in Thee? in DSTLRY's debut one-shot The Devil's Cut, Somna offers a haunting investigation into puritanical repression and concealed desires. This is a monumental series, presented in 48-page perfect bound issues, each a collectible piece unto itself.

The Story Within Somna

Set against the chilling atmosphere of witch hunts in a 1600s English village, Somna chronicles the life of Ingrid, entangled in an oppressive marriage to Roland, the town’s chief witch hunter. When a leading community member is found murdered, Roland’s merciless crusade intensifies. Torn between her quest for truth and a shadowy suitor, Ingrid must navigate a labyrinth of secrets and seduction. Does the specter hold the answers she seeks, or is he the harbinger of her damnation?

Words from the Visionaries

Becky Cloonan shares, “Somna allows us to delve deep into the darkest myths and beliefs that have intrigued us for over a decade. This is not just a new series; it’s the culmination of lifelong obsessions.” Tula Lotay adds, “Somna is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in the comic realm. This series, audacious in its sensuality and complex themes, is a project Becky and I have been crafting meticulously for years.”

Pre-Order Somna Now: A High-Stakes Investment in Art and Story

Given the incomparable quality and the collectible nature of this series, we strongly recommend pre-ordering Somna at your local comic stores or digitally via Digital copies will also be available for resale on the DSTLRY marketplace, with every sale paying a percentage back to the creators.