Out Now: Spectregraph #2 and Blasfamous #3

Out Now: Spectregraph #2 and Blasfamous #3

Two of DSTLRY's most insidious titles—Blasfamous by Mirka Andolfo and Spectregraph by James Tynion IV & Christian Ward—hit shelves today at your local comic shop, as well as in print and digital at DSTLRY.co!

First off, international superstar writer and artist Mirka Andolfo storms the stage for the finale of Blasfamous, her stadium-sized epic about demigod pop stars, their demonic managers, and a centuries-spanning romance turned bad between two rival virtuosos. This third issue spans the heavens and earth as Clelia and Lev's showdown with Dorothy escalates into full-out spiritual warfare. Really. This thing goes big

Check out the DSTLRY-exclusive covers, released today, below. 

Blasfamous #3 B&W DSTLRY Exclusive Cover G by Yanick Paquette

Blasfamous #3 Undressed Digital Owner Benefit Cover H by Sweeney Boo

Blasfamous #3 Undressed Digital Exclusive Cover Z by Nicoletta Baldari


The hellish assault of James Tynion IV & Christian Ward's Spectregraph #2 are confined to a Malibu mansion, where twisted science has crafted makeshift ghosts that defy body horror. Real estate agent Janie Chase finds herself locked in this labyrinth of tortured souls, struggling to escape and reunite with her unattended infant son. Between this adrenaline-drenched struggle, the narrative shows the haunting, centuries-spanning events that led to this devastating situation. DSTLRY has the exclusive cover goods below. 

Spectregraph #2 B&W DSTLRY Exclusive Cover G by Jae Lee

Spectregraph #2 Undressed Digital Owner Benefit Cover H by E.M. Carroll 

Spectregrah #2 Undressed Digital Exclusive Cover Z by Christian Ward 

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