Out NOW: The Blood Brothers Mother #1

Out NOW: The Blood Brothers Mother #1



A creative team that has ingrained their nicotine and gun-powder stained thumbprint on the face of crime comics. 

The pair has reunited for one of their most ambitious projects yet: The Blood Brothers Mother. Contrasting the sun-drenched beauty of the American frontier with seething, lawless carnage, the new series follows three children as they brave the wilderness to save their mother—abducted by their biological, sociopathic father, released from Mexican prison.

And the first issue is available now

The Blood Brothers Mother channels Azzarello and Risso's biting dance of violence and deft wordplay with the timeless, big-sky escapism of the mythological west. 

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dstlry.co exclusive cover by German Peralta

Digital ownership benefit cover by Peter Krause—free digital copy with physical purchase

dstlry.co digital exclusive cover by Dave Johnson (undressed cover F)