Out Today: SOMNA #2

Out Today: SOMNA #2

"For here, there is nothing, only night. No one can hear us—not your husband, not the priest..."

But apparently enough of you heard about Somna #1, Becky Cloonan & Tula Lotay's spicy folk horror saga, that the first issue sold completely out at the distributor level (and here at dstlry.co!). And we don't need any supernatural visions to state that Somna #2—out today—is bound to a similar fate. 

And though you can find amazing Somna #2 covers from artists like Emily Carroll, Julian Totino Tedesco, and Dani, we have some new seductive eye candy for you: feast your eyes on this new Somna #2 covers from Vanesa R. Del Rey (Redlands) and Declan Shalvey (Deadpool, Thundercats) available exclusively on dstlry.co!


Cover Art by Vanesa R. Del Rey

Cover art by Declan Shalvey 


Additionally, readers who bought digital copies of The Devil’s Cut or Somna #1 can purchase a print/digital combo copy of Somna #2 with digital for no extra cost, as well as a digital black-and-white undressed cover of Dani’s striking 1:50 incentive cover for the same issue. Somna #2 in digital is only available through Tuesday, February 6th! 


And you bet that purchasing digital issues today will lead to exclusive future goodies and opportunities in the future. Sweet dreams, readers 😴 😈

Cover art by Dani

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