Somna #1 Exclusive Preview [UPDATE: NOW AVAILABLE]

Somna #1 Exclusive Preview [UPDATE: NOW AVAILABLE]

UPDATE: SOMNA #1 is now out!

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A Glimpse into the World of Somna from IGN.

DSTLRY’s passionate about pushing the boundaries of storytelling, and Somna is no exception. A captivating folk horror series crafted by the brilliant minds of Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay, Somna features two of the industry's top talents.

IGN has an exclusive preview of the first issue, showcasing some of the mesmerizing artwork from the series. A word of caution, though: some of the imagery might be NSFW, so tread carefully.

Diving Deep into Somna

Somna isn't just another comic; it's a journey into a world where passion and freedom clash with repression. The story revolves around Ingrid, trapped in a loveless marriage with Roland, the town's chief witch hunter. As Roland embarks on a relentless quest to rid the town of 'heretics', a murder shakes the community to its core. Ingrid, with her own suspicions about the true culprit, finds herself drawn to a mysterious figure who might either hold the answers or lead her to damnation.

Page from Somna by Tula Lotay

The creators, Cloonan and Lotay, share a deep bond over their love for old Hammer and folk-horror films, with a sprinkle of '70s psychedelia. Their shared vision and mutual admiration are evident in their work. As Cloonan mentions to IGN, "Somna is a dream project—literally and figuratively." Lotay echoes the sentiment, expressing her joy in working with Cloonan and how their shared interests make the collaboration feel almost serendipitous.

Page from Somna by Becky Cloonan

Mark Your Calendars!

For all the horror and comic enthusiasts out there, Somna #1 will be available in both print and digital formats on November 22, 2023. We at DSTLRY are beyond excited for you to dive into this world and experience the magic that Cloonan and Lotay have conjured.

This post is inspired by the exclusive content provided by IGN. We at DSTLRY are grateful for their support and coverage.

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