This Big Burn #1 Cover from Jae Lee is On Fire 🔥

This Big Burn #1 Cover from Jae Lee is On Fire 🔥

The Big Burn just got a lot hotter.

Joe Henderson & Lee Garbett's heist-in-hell blockbuster stars two professional thieves breaking into a casino underworld to steal back their souls after a Faustian deal goes awry. Hitting shelves on July 24, you can preorder the next DSTLRY breakout from the co-showrunner of Netflix's Lucifer and the team that brought you Skyward and Shadecraft from your local comic book shop

Superstar cover artist Jae Lee slapped on a pair of blue suede shoes for a new cover, starring lead couple Owen and Carlie fighting their way through a host of demons hellbent on torturing souls and/or officiating a few shotgun weddings. We're also providing a new sketch cover—hunt down Lee at a local convention to get your own signature dark mark on your issue of The Big Burn #1. 

The Big Burn #1 Open-Order Cover F by Jae Lee

DSTLRY is also offering a new sketch cover for this first issue; track down Lee at a local con for your own signature, diabolical cover. 

The Big Burn #1 Open-Order Sketch Cover G