DSTLRY To Make More First Printings Available By Distributing Special White Boat #1 Dave Johnson Convention Exclusive Cover via Diamond & Lunar

NEW YORK, NY – May 21, 2024 DSTLRY, the next-generation publisher redefining creator-owned comic books and collectibles, proudly announces the pre-release sellout of WHITE BOAT #1 from modern horror masters Scott Snyder (Wytches, Batman) & Francesco Francavilla (Batman, The Black Beetle) at the distributor level.

To meet demand, DSTLRY is offering a previously unannounced  WHITE BOAT #1 cover from Dave Johnson to Direct Market comic shops. This limited-run cover, originally intended to be a convention exclusive, will now be available for comic stores to order from Lunar and Diamond this coming weekend. Copies are limited and orders will be allocated.

While the originally solicited covers are sold out at the distributor level, fans can still find copies of WHITE BOAT #1 at their local comic shops starting on the day of release, with the issue’s debut in comic book shops this Wednesday, May 22nd, following months of buzz and anticipation. 

WHITE BOAT follows a maritime journalist who’s invited on a massive luxury yacht. He soon discovers that the ship hides a terrifying labyrinth of corridors and secrets, all leading to a secluded island where a cult of the unfathomably wealthy have been committing crimes against science for centuries. 

"WHITE BOAT is a project with a sprawling mythology and a truly terrifying scope,” writer Scott Snyder explains. “I’m so happy that readers are willing to take the plunge; DSTLRY, with its double-sized, oversized issues, was the perfect home from which to set sail.” 

"I'm so thankful readers are excited for this new adventure Scott and I took on,” continues artist Francesco Francavilla. "Even though we are inspired by our innate love for all horror—from the classics to the modern-era scares—we aimed for something bigger and broader with WHITE BOAT, and what better place than DSTLRY with its different, bigger format to do so? If you love issue one, wait until you see what Scott and I have cooked up for the next issues!"

Spinning out of Snyder & Francavilla 6-page story “White Boat" from DSTLRY’s debut release, The Devil’s Cut, WHITE BOAT is edited by industry legend Will Dennis (Snow Angels, Y: The Last Man). 

“We know that Scott and Francesco are capable of weaving some of the most insidious horror of this era, but nothing could have prepared us for WHITE BOAT,” DSTLRY co-founders Chip Mosher & David Steinberger said in a joint statement. “The sheer depth of this project has to be seen to be believed, and we’re overjoyed that it’s found its audience so quickly. We’re also happy to provide a new cover from legendary artist Dave Johnson to make sure nobody misses out.” 

WHITE BOAT #1 is on-sale Wednesday, 5/22 at local comic shops; visit yours

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Sean Edgar

Marketing Director