Jamie McKelvie
Founding Creator, Writer, Artist
about the creator

Jamie McKelvie is an artist and writer from the United Kingdom. He’s best known for his creator-owned comic series The Wicked + The Divine and Phonogram and Marvel's Young Avengers, all with writer Kieron Gillen. He has worked for Marvel doing some of the most enduring character designs of the last decade such as Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Loki among others. Jamie’s produced artwork for bands such as CHVRCHES, Art Brut, and Tegan and Sara, and co-directed the video for the CHVRCHES song “Bury It” with Darren Price and Mighty Nice. He recently wrote the Captain Carter series for Marvel and did the art for Catwoman: One Bad Day with writer G. Willow Wilson. He is currently working on his own creator-owned projects.

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