Three New DSTLRY Series

Three New DSTLRY Series

Get ready for the comics set to redefine sequential art in 2024! Six comic legends are uniting for for three fresh series that are set to shake up the comic scene.

Join the revolution with the Detective Comics and Night of the Ghoul pioneers Scott Snyder & Francesco Francavilla, the Eisner magnets James Tynion IV & Christian Ward, and men who set the benchmark for modern crime epics, Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso. 

Debuting in March

White Boat #1

Writer: Scott Snyder 

Artist: Francesco Francavilla 

In this story of maritime horror, White Boat witnesses writer Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla unleash a fleet mega-yachts favored by the super-wealthy for global travel, function as floating paradises where every desire can be fulfilled. Being invited on board should be a dream scenario, right? Well, not when the crew unexpectedly transports you to a secluded island with ancient cults dedicated to something known as "The Human Project." Will the White Boat be your passage to paradise, or will or sink you into the hottest circle of hell? 

White Boat reunites Scott Snyder, the visionary writer renowned for redefining comic book horror with Wytches and introducing Batman to a chilling, cerebral era, with modern noir master Francesco Francavilla. Together, they invite readers on a gripping descent into Lovecraftian maritime madness.


Debuting in April 

Spectregraph #1

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Christian Ward

In Spectregraph, superstar creators James Tynion IV and Christian Ward combine for the next searing, psychedelic descent into adrenaline-pumping horror. The mansion has maintained a peculiar presence, snugly nestled along the coastline just a brief drive north of Los Angeles. Persistent rumors have enshrouded the estate, its proprietor a prominent figure in American industry, obsessed with the occult and paranormal. Over decades, the nation's wealthiest members engaged in discreet exchanges, attempting to fathom the the secrets behind its opulent walls. Now, following the owner's demise, and with the estate finally available for acquisition, they'll see the secrets that fester within. 


Debuting in May

The Blood Brothers Mother #1

Writer: Brian Azzarello

Artist: Eduardo Risso 

In the old West, three children embark on a brutal journey across the untamed Texas frontier to rescue their mother, abducted by ruthless outlaws that fatally shot their preacher father. Along their path, they'll navigate a rugged landscape, bloodthirsty animals, relentless bounty hunters, and more—all in a relentless quest to save their family.

As they progress, they'll come to understand the harrowing toll of revenge, not just in terms of lives lost but in how it darkens the very soul. While seeking revenge may offer momentary satisfaction, it leaves an enduring void that lasts a lifetime. Once experienced, nothing else ever tastes as sweet.