Out Today: Gone #2

Out Today: Gone #2

Jock, the artistic auteur behind Detective Comics and Wytches, continues his journey in the great cosmic expanse in Gone #2—a gripping sci-fi odyssey of one girl's attempts to traverse the galaxy and reunite with her mother. This sophomore chapter, out today, witnesses the timid stowaway first introduced in The Devil's Cut transform into a seasoned space voyager. But Abi's evolution hasn't been without scars, both over her right eye and much, much deeper...

If you venture to a comic store you can find covers from luminaries including Jock, Lee Garbett, Oliver BarrettMatt Taylor, and Jamie McKelvie. But today, we're announcing a new cover from Ben Oliver that you can only find on dstlry.co!

Digital Gone #2 is only available through Tuesday, February 13th!

And fans who have bought any DSTLRY digital items have the exclusive opportunity to buy a print + free digital bundle of Gone #2 featuring a cover by DSTLRY Founding Creator Joëlle Jones or a digital cover by international sensation Dani.