Variant Cover Reveals for The Missionary #1, Time Waits #1 & The Blood Brothers Mother #3

Variant Cover Reveals for The Missionary #1, Time Waits #1 & The Blood Brothers Mother #3

Only a few weeks ago DSTLRY annouced its Next Batch—three potent new series debuting this summer from such comic luminaries as Brian Azzarello, Stephanie Phillips Danijel Žeželj (Life); Ryan Stegman & Jason Howard (The Missionary), as well as Chip Zdarsky, David Brothers & Marcus To (Time Waits). 

Earlier this week we revealed new variant covers for Life #1, and today we're pulling the curtain off more arresting eye candy for The Missionary #1 and Time Waits #1, as well as the penultimate chapter of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso's harrowing survivalist western, The Blood Brothers Mother.

You can preorder all of the following at your local comic book shop!

Straight from hell, these variant covers from The Missionary #1 hint at the chaos to come as a religious man embraces a demonic posession to unleash his every repressed desire. 

The Missionary #1 Open Order Cover A by Jason Howard


The Missionary #1 Open Order Cover B by Ryan Stegman


The Missionary #1 1/10 Incentive Cover C by Ryan Ottley 

The Missionary #1 1/25 Incentive Cover D by Chip Zdarsky 

The Missionary #1 1/50 Incentive Cover E by Riley Rossmo

Next up, Time Waits spans centuries and miles as a time-traveling mercenary seeks refuge in a pastoral town from the distant past, only for his violent future to pursue him.

Time Waits #1 Open Order Cover A by Marcus To

Time Waits #1 Open Order Cover B by Sean Phillips

Time Waits #1 1/10 Incentive Cover C by Steve Lieber

Time Waits #1 1/25 Incentive Cover D by Adam Warren


Time Waits #1 1/50 Incentive Cover E by Matt Taylor

Finally, The Blood Brothers Mother #3 ratches the tension as three children get closer to rescuing their kidnapped mother across the predatory frontier of the old west. 

The Blood Brothers Mother #3 Open Order Cover A by Eduardo Risso

The Blood Brothers Mother #3 Open Order Cover B by Jock

The Blood Brothers Mother #3 1/10 Incentive Cover C by Ariel Olivetti

The Blood Brothers Mother #3 1/25 Incentive Cover D by Leandro Fernandez