Available Now: Elsa Charretier's Secret Devil's Cut Cover

Available Now: Elsa Charretier's Secret Devil's Cut Cover

The Devil's Cut—DSTLRY's intoxicating out-of-print debut short story collection—has been summoned from the vault, this time with a special never-been-seen-before cover from Elsa Charretier. Released last August, The Devil's Cut serves as a secret map into the future of DSTLRY's series debuting through 2024 and beyond; eight of the 11 tales introduce readers to the worlds established by Founding Creators including Gone by Jock and Somna by Becky Cloonan & Tula Lotay. This 88-page collection has long been sold out physically and unavailable digitally, but Founding Creator Elsa Charretier has unleashed this blistering cover featuring the chaotic, aloof spy from her short story (and upcoming series) "8 Rules to Make It Out in One Piece." Digital versions of this book will only be available till Wednesday, 2/28. 

The Devil's Cut Cover N by Elsa Charretier 

Another series The Devil's Cut introduced is Mirka Andolfo's Blasfamousa kinetic fever dream about pop star deities and their demonic, string-pulling managers. Snag this series that Screen Rant calls "visual candy and a thoughtful satire both: like a pop star's stadium show come to life and then flipped sideways, revealing the dark inferno that's been keeping the lights on all along." This digital issue is also on sale till Wednesday, 2/28. 

Blasfamous #1 Cover A by Mirka Andolfo

Finally, for those that want to preview DSTLRY's next sprawling epic, Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla offer a dip into the Lovecraftian maritime madness of White Boat with a ten-page Ashcan previewfree for anyone with a digital account, and available till this Friday, March 1st. 

The White Boat Ashcan Cover Art by Francesco Francavilla