This October, we're premiering our inaugural series—Gone—and we couldn't be prouder of this brainchild from the Eisner Award-winning creator, Jock.

A Singular Vision by Jock

You're undoubtedly familiar with Jock's stunning work in Snow Angels, Batman: One Dark Knight, and other groundbreaking titles. But Gone stands apart as his fully realized vision—each intricate panel, every carefully chosen word, and the rich colors all bring the world to life—crafted by Jock himself. Every issue is an oversized, 48-page collectible that you'll want to hold on to for years to come.

The Essence of GONE

In the world of Gone, we transport you to a distant, impoverished planet where the inhabitants eke out a living by servicing starships. Thirteen-year-old Abi, a native of this planet, dreams of a life beyond the daily grind. Along with her savvy companions, she stows away on a grand luxury space-liner. But life in the cosmos is not without its challenges or treacheries, leading Abi on an unpredictable journey where nothing is as it seems—and nothing is farther away than…home.

Why GONE Should Be on Your Radar

Jock shares, "DSTLRY has provided a platform where I can fully invest in each layer of Gone, from the art to the storyline. I'm excited for you to experience a narrative that's been carefully woven and rendered, both visually and thematically."

An Investment in Quality and Collectibility

Following the success of The Devil’s Cut, we're committed to sustaining that quality and momentum with the launch of Gone. This isn't just a comic series; it's a collectible—an asset to your library. It exemplifies the caliber of artistic innovation that DSTLRY champions.

Preview Pages


Digital copies will also be available, and owners will have the option to resell them on the DSTLRY marketplace. A percentage of each digital resale directly benefits the creators, emphasizing the collectible value of each issue.